Our Exhibition At The AGHA Sydney Gift Fair - The Good, The Bad And The Conclusion

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February was a hectic month for us at Harvest Collection. Hang on...let's rephrase that...it was an absolutely extremely hectic month for me mostly. We were told that we got a spot to exhibit at the Trade show just 3 weeks before it started. Actually, I was on the cruise when I got the news. So that just completely took me off my holiday mode, coz my mind raced off thinking of so many to do list to prepare for the show. Tips: don't check emails or voice mail during your holiday.

dont check work email

So, not wanting to miss out on what could possibly be a good opportunity, my husband and I decided to grab it. Those 3 weeks I worked so hard to prepare for everything. Long hours spent on searching endless google booth images and pinterest trying to find some inspirations and methods on the booth set up (coz you can't just show up like a market display, seriously you got to look professional - that's the tip from the exhibitor's manual). Then, working out how to do it with the least minimum budget as we are still at this baby stage of the business. Not to mention all the hours spent on design work for marketing materials etc for the show. I bet if I go to my optometrist now, my eyes prescription would have gone up as a result of the long exposure to the screen.

Then when the days finally arrived to exhibit, working around the school drop offs, pick ups and driving the kids around for therapies, Sydney's bad traffic...oh my goodness. We were exhausted!

A few things went wrong

I learnt that you always got to be prepared for some things to go wrong. Like for instance, my husband lost the shelves for the display unit. HE WHAT??!! HA HA! They were blown by the wind when he drove off transporting the unit on the roof rack, because he forgot to secure them. Now, don't blame him, everyone makes a mistake, especially first timer!

Flying shelves

Next, after we hung all our beautiful frames, we came back from dinner on the night we did set up, finding our frame dropped to the floor and the frame glass shattered! We discovered that the booth walls were not even straight. In fact, they were rather curvy. I tried to kick it from the other side, but I think I'm not that technical, I just could not make it straight. So with the limited option of just having 3M Contacts hooks (the rule of what's allowed to go on the walls from the organizer at the gift fair), I thought of a solution - take ALL of the glass fronts off the frames, to avoid anymore glass shattering experience. I think that was a rather smart move, don't you agree?

Frames mounted

And did I mention Sydney traffic? Yes I did up there...well, I really got stuck in bad traffic after running around doing the pick ups and therapies. For those who drive to work everyday, this may be old news, but it was not for me. I was a beginner in Sydney peak hour traffic. And to be honest, the GPS didn't seem to help either, I kept getting stuck in what seemed like endless bouts of super slow snail-ish moving cars!

Now, this blog will continue to the next newsletter. I hope I don't disappoint you too much, but in the next blog, I will tell you the real nuggets of what I got from the fair. Even if you're not in a business, you might still want to read it because of the many real life comments I received from the people I met there.

Until next time...stay tuned! Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when the next article will be available!

P.S: if you wonder what happened to my shelving unit in the end...well, we got some divine help. A few days before that flying shelves event happened, a friend came to our house and saw that shelving unit. She said she would give me another one just like that, but in black colour. So, I picked it up as a spare. Turned out that the black one was a better display unit all along. So, even before it happened, God knew I would need another one, and He gave me a better one than the one I lost!


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  • Every step, failure or sucess, is one step closer to a BIG dream!

    Sophia on
  • Love it Mary and Jerry
    Go team!

    Liz on

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