Design Service

We make a positive change in people's lives through art, design and technology.

Harvest Collection offers a unique design service regardless the size of your business. Our core service is art, illustration and graphic, being implemented into both physical and digital products.

Whether your need branding, book illustrations, retail products, website or mobile apps’ UI graphics, Harvest Collection can help you achieve your goals effectively.


Why Choose Us?

1. Our design is tailored specifically to your business and your users so you can be instantly recognized in this saturated market.

Many businesses have great ideas with points of difference, but struggle to be seen, deliver the right experience and have the right graphic that will engage and captivate their customers.

These days it's easy to find many ready-to-use templates for any kind of graphic needs on the internet. However, template solutions also mean they lack the unique-ness about them because just about anyone in the planet can access and use the same thing. They are not created with your specific needs in mind. They are generic.

If you want to be seen and be instantly recognized, you cannot afford looking the same like everyone else. You need to be you and be seen as the unique you.

Our approach to design is always first understanding our client’s business. We do research about your values, services, industry, and your audience so we can deliver the right solution that will speak to your clients and unique to your business, making you different and stand out from the competitions.

2. Our team is made up of highly skilled people in the industry.


I have specialised in web, UX/ UI mobile design since 2001. With 18 years experience, I have worked on a broad genres of projects like Entertainment, music, games, sports, finance products. My past works include the mobile UI design of Channel 10’s Big Brother, Games portal for Vodafone, Sydney Airport touch screen design, UI design for Real agents’ backend system, LW Reid e-commerce retail website design, Zurich mobile app, and various other projects. I’ve worked with various development teams and understand the importance of great user experience in a digital product.


Jonathan is a unique member of the team like no other agencies ever have. He specializes in the illustration part of the business. His distinctive style captivates a diverse range of audience, from children to adults alike.  I work with Jon to help him understand briefs and let him visually put his ideas into drawings and illustrations, fit for the brief.

His works have been recognised and featured by various organizations and businesses like Kinokuniya, Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, Autism CRC and The Sydney Partnership for Health, Education, Research & Enterprise (SPHERE).

Kids Learn To Trace App by Jon Sunarho

Jon’s style is versatile and suitable for various applications like kids related products, health and educational industries. Applications can range from book illustrations, fun and educational apps, to health and therapy related apps.

In addition to creating the product range in Harvest Collection, Jon also has worked on 3 children’s books and collaborated with another artist, Lucy Klippan to create the SPHERE Health Conference’s art installation.


Development team

We have established working partnership with Connect Mobile Apps to build mobile application and website solutions for our clients in a cost effective manner. Connect Mobile Apps is based in Sydney and together we design and develop mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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