Creative Kids Art Lessons + Kit - Watercolour Desserts & Foods

Creative Kids Art Lessons + Kit - Watercolour Desserts & Foods

  • $100.00

Goal: Create watercolour paintings of food items that children love. Lessons will include how to illustrate cone ice cream, paddle pops, donut, pancakes
Skill level: Intermediate
Suitable for: age 9-14 years old

What you will learn with this video lessons:

  • Learn how to draw and paint delicious food items with step by step videoinstructions
  • Watch how other kids are doing their drawings as they follow the instructor
  • Introduction to watercolour techniques - how to handle the brush, mix colours, control water level when painting, etc
  • Improve your eye and hand coordination and train your patience to achieve the best result you can get
Video lessons link will be emailed to you. Please note only the email that you use for purchase of this kit will be enabled to access the private lessons.

Cost is $100 (shipping included), Free with NSW Creative Kids voucher.
1.Enter name, voucher number and date of birth in the Customer Notes during checkout

2. Enter code: CREATIVEKIDS to redeem $100 voucher

Once you have placed your order, we will process with NSW Creative Kids if your voucher is still available for redemption.

This kit includes:

  • 1x Watercolour book (30 sheets), size A4
  • 1x Watercolour Brush Set 5 pieces
  • 1 x Brush Set of 15 pieces
  • 1x Sketch Pad A4 - 30 sheets
  • 1x Watercolour cake Set of 24
  • 1 x Graphite Pencils set of 10
  • 4 x Printed Templates of artworks as guide
  • 4 x Video lessons

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