Vegan Soy Candle - Summery Watermelon

  • $29.00

Watermelon soy candle is a sweet summery scent that brings the freshness of outdoor in. A balanced mix of apple, cucumber and refreshing watermelon.

Our candle is adorned with our original floral illustration. With classic design and packaged in a beautiful box, our candle makes perfect gifting!

Burning time:
approximately 30 hour

This product is also available in the Kitchen Hamper collection.


    • Hand poured in small batches in Sydney
    • 100% natural ingredients, high quality vegan soy wax, eco friendly and slow burning
    • Soy candles burn cleaner than  paraffin candles, non toxic, no petroleum is released into the air
    • Triple scented using high quality fragrance oils for longer lasting scents
    • Pure cotton braided wicks, smooth uptake and taller metal base to prevent overheating at the end of the candle
    • Comes with a lid to prevent dust piling onto your candle when not in use
    • Our jar is snug fit in the packaging box, packed carefully for safe transit

    Candle Care & Safety

    • Trim wick to 5mm before every burn.  Allow the first burn to burn at least 2 hours or until the whole top of the candle has liquified. Then blow out. This will prevent "tunneling”.
    • Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time.
    • Keep candle free of debris. Discontinue use when ½” of wax remains to prevent heat damage.
    • Never burn on or near anything that could catch fire
    • Never move a lit candle
    • Keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable materials
    • Place the candle on a stable heat resistant surface.
    • Avoid exposure to drafts.
    • Never leave a lit candle unattended. 
    • A variable amount of wax may remain.
    • Always store candles in a cool dry place, below 25C and away from direct sunlight.

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