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Mary Jon Sunarho
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Hi, Welcome to our shop!

Experience the power of art with our unique gifts, specially crafted to inspire and motivate you! At our creative business, we offer a range of humourous t-shirts, stylish bags, trendy fashion accessories, and stunning wall art and stationery - all adorned with our artworks that embody the true essence of life.

Our products are perfect for those who love creativity and wants to add positivity to their everyday lives. Our founder, Mary Sunarho, started this business to showcase her love for art and collaborate with her son, Jonathan, who is on the autism spectrum. Together, they have created meaningful designs that inspire others to focus on their strengths and live a more purposeful life.

Our products not only portrays the talent of our artists but also spread joy and happiness to those who purchase and receive them.

Choose from our collection of unique gifts and experience the beauty and meaning of art today!

Our key points of difference:

  • Unique personalised gifts that aren’t available anywhere else
  • Our handmade process minimises waste and results in products of the highest quality
  • We love to share our knowledge to build other children's confidence and skills through online art classes
  • Every purchase does good in the community by opening up people with disability's skills to the public eye and giving back our profits to those who need it. We support a few autism related organizations and other charities such as I Can Network, ASPECT, and donate our goods to special needs families as needs arise.



Working Together
Photo credit: @zinstagram 2018

Mary Sunarho

Mary comes from a graphic and UI design background. She started her career in the year 2000 in the graphics, web and usability experience industry, designing branding, websites, user interface for various mobile apps as well as print materials. After the birth of her third son and upon receiving the autism diagnose for her second son Jonathan, life suddenly brought on an unfamiliar, steep and rocky path for her. The journey of being a mother to a special needs child taught her many valuable lessons.

She uses art as a means of building meaningful connection with her son. In that process she discovers his talents and passion for art. Together they focus on their strength and find the possibilities of living a life of purpose in the midst of their challenges.

Jonathan Sunarho

Jon is a happy 13 year old boy. When he was 3.5 years old, he was diagnosed with classic autism. Like many other individuals with autism, he has many struggles in sensory, language, communication, fine motor skills and social areas.

Jonathan Drawing in Morning Sun

Since very young age, Jon has always shown his love for music, art and technology. Seeing his interest and talents, Mary decided to focus on his strength to help him to build a foundation of confidence and self values.

Jon's unique drawing style is much loved by children and adults alike. His works can be found on Harvest Collection products. His animal illustrations have been published in the children's books "The At Books" and held various exhibitions throughout the years. In his spare time, Jon loves to dance and create video animations.


Jon's art has won several art competitions around Australia and also been recognised by the art community:

  • Winner of Autism CRC Judges' Top 10 Category, July 2018 - Celebrate Diversity With Dancing "This Is Me".
  • Winner of Hills Shire Council Art Competiton April 2018, 10-15 yo category - Emotions Series art prints "Happy, Angry, Sad".
  • Winner of Corrimal All Abilities Art Competition, primary category, September 2019 - "Love Grows Here".
  • Exhibited his poster "Rollercoaster" at the Sydney Health partnership conference (SPHERE) at the Darling Harbour ICC, 29-30 Aug 2019.
  • Selected artist for the art exhibition at the Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick 5 December 2019 - Feb 2020.
  • 3 December 2021 - Minor Prize Winner of International Day of People With Disability Art Competition by the City of Parramatta

We hope our work inspires you to find your own gift and share it with the world!


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