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Mary Jon Sunarho
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Welcome! Thanks for dropping in and visiting our website. I’m Mary, the founder of Harvest Collection. I work with my son Jonathan, who is in the autism spectrum. We create artworks which are then translated into everyday products, from art prints to stationery range, bags and many more.

I believe everyone has gifts to bring to the world, including those with disability, whose gifts are often missed due to their limitations.

Through our art products, we want to highlight their talents. We want to show the possibilities of living a purposeful life by choosing to focus on developing our gifts and strength.


Our profiles

Maryline Sunarho

Mary comes from a graphic design and usability background. She started her career in the year 2000 in the graphics, web and usability experience industry, designing branding, websites, user interface for various mobile apps as well as print materials. After the birth of her third son and upon receiving the autism diagnose for her second son Jonathan, life suddenly brought on an unfamiliar, steep and rocky path for her. The journey of being a mother to a special needs child taught her many valuable lessons. Mary then decided to make a come back into the design industry after being absent for 6 years, and this time she brings along all the treasures she discovered in her journey so far and embed them into her works.

Through her love for water colour medium, she shares her passion on building hope in others. Her art prints often involve short writings that point others in their own journeys to look ahead hopeful whatever their situations might be.

Jonathan Sunarho
Jonathan Drawing in Morning Sun

Jon is a happy 10 year old boy. When he was 3.5 years old, he was diagnosed with classic autism. Like many other individuals with autism, he has many struggles in sensory, language, communication, fine motor skills and social areas to name a few. Despite these challenges, Jon continues to grow and perseveres to develop his talents with the love and support from his parents, family, friends, teachers and therapists.

Since very young age, Jon has always shown his love for music, arts and technology. Seeing his interest and talents, Mary decided to focus on his strength to help Jon to build a foundation of confidence and self values. She takes his illustrations into everyday product designs so others can also enjoy his work. Through his unique style, Jon tells his stories of the world that he lives in, the things he enjoys and loves. Upon seeing his works, Jon finds a sense of pride and accomplishment. He says it with a smile of approval.

Working Together
Photo credit: @zinstagram


Together, Jon and Mary invite you to see that there is gift and strength inside each person, even those with great challenges in life.  As we choose to focus on our abilities, we shine brighter in our ever growing strength.