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Mary Jon Sunarho
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Thanks for dropping in and visiting our website. I’m Mary, the founder of Harvest Collection. I work with my son, Jonathan, who is 11 years old and in the autism spectrum.

Harvest Collection is an art, design and illustration business, offering high-quality design service and gift products that are meaningful, inspiring and showcasing the talents of people with disability.

As a parent of a special needs child, I learnt that despite their great challenges, people with disability still have their unique talents and this should be the focus to help them grow. Those gifts should be nurtured and allowed to shine, to help them live a life of purpose.

The social issue

A lot of people with disability are overlooked when it comes to employment opportunities because they are assumed not abled. Or they are doing jobs that are not really in the area of their strength and interest, and consequently they can not shine.

These days, increasing numbers of children are diagnosed with disability. One day they will be adults and there is a need to help them find a job, in something they are good at, so they can enjoy and have a meaningful life.

Through Harvest Collection, I put out that idea – that when we focus on our gift and strength, even a child with disability like my son, can flourish. They can have better opportunities because their gifts open the doors. And it is made possible through our support of them to grow and use their gift. 

I hope this will create a ripple effect in the wider community to see their abilities and give more chances in the future.


Our profiles

Working Together
Photo credit: @zinstagram

Mary Sunarho

Mary comes from a graphic and UI/UX design background. She started her career in the year 2000 in the graphics, web and usability experience industry, designing branding, websites, user interface for various mobile apps as well as print materials. After the birth of her third son and upon receiving the autism diagnose for her second son Jonathan, life suddenly brought on an unfamiliar, steep and rocky path for her. The journey of being a mother to a special needs child taught her many valuable lessons. Mary then decided to make a come back into the design industry after her 6 years absence, and this time she brings along all the treasures she discovered in her journey so far and embed them into her works.

Through her love for art, she shares her passion on building hope in others. By working together with her son, she discovers the possibilities of living a life of purpose in the midst of their challenges.

Jonathan Sunarho

Jon is a happy 11 year old boy. When he was 3.5 years old, he was diagnosed with classic autism. Like many other individuals with autism, he has many struggles in sensory, language, communication, fine motor skills and social areas.

Jonathan Drawing in Morning Sun

Since very young age, Jon has always shown his love for music, art and technology. Seeing his interest and talents, I decided to focus on his strength to help him to build a foundation of confidence and self values.

Jon's unique drawing style is much loved by children and adults alike. His works can be found on various Harvest Collection products. Lately he has been working on children's books and a collaboration work to create a poster for the SPHERE's health conference. His art is also scheduled for an exhibition at the Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick in December 2019.

We hope our work inspires you to find your own gift and share it with the world!


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