Teddy's To Do List Blush Colour Notepads

Teddy's To Do List Blush Colour Notepads

  • $12.00

Ever have trouble getting your kids ready in the morning? I think every parent would nod at this. That's how this to-do list product is invented in the first place. In the morning and in the afternoon, I would give each child their to-do list to help them keep focused on what they need to do. They will tick off the box each time they finish a task and boy, how good does that feel! Whether it's a routine to get ready for school, or just to remind them of the important stuff they need to do in the day or week, this notepad is a handy helper for all parents and children alike.

Each notepad comes in 60 tear-off pages.

The design is based on Jonathan Sunarho's artwork.

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