I Conquer - a buyer's story

Posted by Maryline Sunarho on

I Conquer testimony

I've received a very touching story about one of Jon's artworks displayed. My vision when creating the words in Jon's artworks is to help others see hope and encourage them to keep going in their journey, especially when they are having a hard time. If there's one person after seeing our artwork, manage to get back up again with new strength, I feel our works have achieved what they are intended to do.

While our work was exhibited at the hospital, a mother whose son was in ICU went for a walk with her daughter. I can only imagine their anguish and fear in the waiting. Our exhibition was located right outside the ICU and it was the first thing they saw. Her daughter was so drawn to the "I Conquer" artwork, that they started using the phrase as a family mantra! Once they get home they plan to hang the artwork alongside a photo of their beautiful children.

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