Harvest Collection Goes International!

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Wow! What a journey!

It's been 7 months since we first launch our online shop. And so much has happened in that short time space.

When we launched in June 2017, it started with a speech sharing insights of our lives living with a child with autism in front of the Western Sydney businesses at the Coleman Greigg Challenge lunch launch. It was just a day before my dad passed away in Jakarta. Shock, sadness, grief overshadowed my mind and emotion, but I thought for the greater good, I would still speak what has been  burning in my heart for the kids with special needs. By God's grace, I delivered my message pretty well before rushing off to the airport right after.

Months after were filled with overcoming grief, hard work, new levels of learning opportunities and pushing myself to be brave as I do the things that I never do before. With the business starting, I learn many things can go wrong in various stages. But at the same time, there are highlights that I never dream of that really make me feel so thrilled and elated.

From the positive media coverage, testimonies of people who have been blessed by our stories, the hopes that our products bring to those in need especially families with autistic kids - they all put everything in perspective why we do this business in the first place.

Happy Artprint by Jonathan Sunarho

And this month December, we just started offering international shipping to customers worldwide. First product to lead the way entering the international airways is the framed art print "Happy" by Jonathan Sunarho. I can't think of a better way to close the year. Happy closes 2017 and gets us ready with a happy, content outlook for the new year 2018.




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