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Last night was quite a night. I participated in the Hills District Mums market in Bella Vista hotel in Norwest. From the preparation stage to the whole event, it was busy, stressful, and yet exhilarating and insightful.

Harvest Collection Market at Bella Vista Hotel

When I arrived, the place was already filled with other stallholders. They all presented beautiful things, with attractive displays - something I can definitely learn from them, how to set up the display effectively as I am new to this market thing. Everyone was so creative, and when you throw in the food, drinks and music, the whole place was filled with a nice relaxed atmosphere.

It wasn't long before the hotel was buzzing with lots of shoppers arriving. It was jam packed, I didn't have a chance to sit down at all the whole night. It was a great experience talking to the shoppers. To my surprise, most people didn't know that our products are all based on our own original artworks.

Someone remarked on the night, "I see a lot of repetitions, even in handmade items. But your stuff are different." The reason why we are different is because we use our own painting, we make everything from scratch and we don't outsource external designs in our textile patterns or paper products.

Now, just in case you are wondering which of our products were selling best in the event, it is the art prints and notebooks. The clutches and totes were popular too, but the art prints and stationery made the spotlight last night.





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