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Jon Sunarho Hills Shire Times

This week we have been honoured and privileged to have our story featured by The Hills Shire Times.

Our illustrator Jonathan Sunarho, 9 years old, has fantastically cooperated with the paper's journalist, Bev Jordan and the talented photographer - Julian Andrews. Taking a good photo of a child is a pretty hard job, but Julian has managed to get all of Jon's photos looking wonderful and captured his persona really well.

Bev interviewed us, my husband and I, on how we first found out about Jon's diagnosis and what life is like with autism. While Jon was drawing 'The Classroom' (his own choice of subject), we talked about his struggles and strengths and how the strength leads to his line of merchandise at Harvest Collection.

We are hoping this article can help awareness of people with autism. Whilst it's obvious that they have a lot of challenges, we should also be aware of their unique gifting. And by doing so, hopefully we can support them in developing their potentials.

Read the full article here.






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