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Mary at Coleman Greig Challenge Launch
Image courtesy of Coleman Greig

On June 7th, 2017 I have had the honour to speak on behalf of St Gabriel school at Coleman Greig Challenge Launch event.

I was asked to give an insight story to the sponsors about our journey with our son Jon, who goes to St Gabriel school and how the school has taken part in our journey as a family.

A lot can be said about autism. Typically we would hear just the struggles of what this condition brings. But I wanted to focus on the identity of these children - who they are, what these children can do, and how they all have unique personalities and gifts to bring to us and furthermore, to the community.

I think we need a balanced view of how we perceive children with special needs. Whilst their challenges are obvious - sensory issues, lack of communication skills, learning difficulties and social challenges - let's not forget that each of them also has strength and potentials. Whilst we help them deal with their struggles, let us also help them develop their gifts. Help them build their confidence.

The support of sponsors to the school enables us to foster their strength. I thanked everyone who have put their confidence in our kids, believing that these children too have something to give to the world.

For those interested to participate in the fundraising challenge to raise funds for St Gabriel school, Royal Deaf and Blind Children, and My Westmead, more info can be found at this link below.

Friday, 20 October 2017 l Parramatta Park

The Coleman Greig Challenge is an opportunity for businesses to support organisations making a difference to the lives of children and their families in Western Sydney.


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