My Daughter Often Doubts Herself...

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A lady browsed through the array of keychains I had on display in my recent market. She loved the softness of the leather and its quality. Then she saw the words engraved on them. She pulled one closer to get a better look.

"What does it say? Aaah...All Things Are Possible.", she noted.
Yes, these words are meant to encourage people. They are positive reminders to keep going especially when things get hard", I explained to the lady.

"My daughter often doubts herself, when she actually could...", she carried on.

Our conversation went on, not just as a shop owner and customer, but more as parents who shared a connection. She walked away from my stall with a stash of meaningful gifts in her hand, knowing she bought something that will help her daughter tackle her challenges.

But her words got stuck in my head for days. I just had a gut feel that it means so much more.
As I ponder, I think her words is not just about her own daughter, but also about me and about many of us. How often do we also wrestle with this doubting ourselves problem?

Did you notice though that the doubt was only half of the sentence? It actually finished off with "...when she actually could." We need this reminder that we can do it, that all things are possible. But first, let's shift our focus from the doubt to the possibilities.

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