What Do Women Really Want For Valentine?

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Waht women want for valentine

It's Valentine's Day in just 2 weeks.

Some of you may be celebrating it, some may think it is just a Hallmark invented holiday, and some may really look forward to it. No matter where you stand, the true message of Valentine's Day to focus on love is a good message to celebrate.

I recently asked people what they wanted for this special day. As all respondents are women, I have to give these blog title as "What Do Women Really Want for Valentine?".

I've compiled the results into Top 3. It's not flowers although it would be nice. And it's not heart shaped chocolates or teddys either. To the ladies, see if you agree with the results. To the men who read this, I hope you are listening!

  1. Staycation
    An overnight stay not too far away from home, followed by a leisurely walk around natures, local shops and cafes. It's a great way to spend quality time together over relaxing activities away from the everyday routine. Men, you would get extra bonus if you add item no. 3!
  2. A dinner date with great conversation
    Dinner for couple is a shorter quality time than a staycation, but it can be a very good way to celebrate the day.  Whilst dinner does not have to be a lavish one, the conversation does need to be enjoyable. Tips: stay away from topics that would blow out your 'love candles'. Talk about things that you both love and light up those fires!
  3. Freedom from house chores
    This one would be the icing on the top. Cleaning, cooking, laundry and everyday household tasks can be overwhelming. The latest household star sensation, Marie Kondo, might love tidying up everything in the house, but in reality, most women are probably not one bit like her! So, if you can help get things in order on Valentine's Day, I bet your partner would much appreciate it!

Do you think this list help you with ideas how to celebrate the day? Perhaps what your partner likes is not in the list, but you know your partner best! Share your plans in the comment below and help out others to make their valentine this year their best valentine ever!

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