Welcoming Our New Arrivals, Christmas Greeting Cards!

Posted by Maryline Sunarho on

Can you believe just how 2017 has almost come to an end? I have heard the classic "time flies" so many times, but it is still hard to grasp. It's just lightning fast!

Literally it's only 5.5 weeks to go till Christmas and I haven't even put up my christmas tree yet. It's in one of my many to-do list for the weeks ahead.

But, at least I've ticked off the Christmas Card design task. With these new additions, I've also created 2 more designs for the multi-purpose greeting cards and they all look gorgeous. Well, at least in my opinion... I hope you agree with me on this one :-)

So, here are the new greeting cards, available now for purchase online.

Christmas cards

Blank Cards Multi Purpose

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